2023 Tour de France Race Center - TV, Startlist, Profile, Prize Money & Previews

The 2023 Tour de France will take place from the 1st to 23rd of July 2023 and will be the 110th edition of the Grand Boucle. A race starting the Basque Country in Spain, it will see another set of masterful performances and show across the three weeks in what many term as the climax of the cycling season!

In this article you can find a wrap-up of all the information needed to know for the Tour de France. It includes previews, startlist, profiles, prize money, TV guide as well as all the relevant information for the race. Follow all news related to the race here.



Profiles & Route Analysis

TV Guide - Where and When to watch


Team Lineup Announcements

Stage Previews

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Estimated start and finish times for Tour de France:

Stage 1: 12:30-17:15CET

Stage 2: 12:15-17:05CET

Stage 3: 13:00-17:30CET

Stage 4: 13:10-17:10CET

Stage 5: 13:05-17:20CET

Stage 6: 13:10-17:10CET

Stage 7: 13:15-17:10CET

Stage 8: 12:30-17:10CET

Stage 9: 13:30-18:05CET

Stage 10: 13:05-17:20CET

Stage 11: 13:05-17:20CET

Stage 12: 13:05-17:20CET

Stage 13: 13:45-17:10CET

Stage 14: 13:05-17:20CET

Stage 15: 13:05-18:00CET

Stage 16: 13:05-17:35CET

Stage 17: 12:20-17:05CET

Stage 18: 13:05-17:30CET

Stage 19: 13:15-17:10CET

Stage 20: 13:30-16:55CET

Stage 21: 16:30-19:30CET

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