A Cycling Preview is an article where the writer normally features information about a certain race/stage, regularly including profiles and graphics to inform the readers and illustrate road or weather conditions, for example. In addition that, most opt to talk about the favourites to said race/stage, discuss their chances and take a guess on who they believe will take the win on the day. 

On CyclingUpToDate you will find Cycling Previews of many of pro cycling's best and most prestigious race, all the way from the Tour de France, to World Championships... every single World Tour (WT) event and many more. Furthermore, the entire Women's World Tour (WWT) will also feature previews. These will specifically feature: Profiles of race/stage and important moments (climbs, descents, etc), maps (finishing kilometers, race/stage), the weather conditions on the day, the contenders for the win in a star system and a daily pick, aswell as a poll for each race. Additionally, there will on occasions be dedicated segments to tactics, breakaway chances and 'Behind The Wheel' (a segment where a random rider is selected and an opinion is given on what his role should be). You can see an example here

Furthermore, CyclingUpToDate also features Cyclocross Previews, of the whole World Cup calendar, European and World Championships. These feature the race track and recon video alongside a detailed description of it's features and conditions, alongside the expected weather and the changes it can cause. Insight is given on both men's and women's races, alongside the contenders and favourites, and the previews include a star system with the favourites and a poll where fans can vote for who they believe will win the race. 

These also feature important information such as the exact times the races start and finish (always including the CET time zone) and the International TV and online channels that will broadcast the events. You can see an example here

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