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The Tour de France Femmes is an annual women’s cycle stage race around France. It is organized by Amaury Sport Organization (ASO), which also runs the Tour de France.

The race is part of the UCI Women’s World Tour and is considered one of the biggest events on the women’s calendar.

History and various versions

The history of the Tour de France Femmes is long and winding. The first women’s Tour de France was held in 1955, but it was seen more as a publicity stunt than a true athletic event. Media coverage and public attention were lacking, and the race did not continue after that year.

The first official launch of the women’s Tour de France stage race was in 1984 and was won by American Marianne Martin. It was an 18-day race held simultaneously as the men’s event and along much of the same but shortened routes with shared finish lines.

This women’s race again faced various challenges. The name of the event changed several times, including Tour de France Féminin, Tour of the EEC Women, Tour Cycliste Féminin, and Grande Boucle Féminine Internationale. Over the years, these races struggled with financial difficulties, limited media coverage, sexism, and trademark issues with the organizers of the Tour de France.

Following criticism by campaigners and the professional women’s peloton, a one/two-day race (La Course by Le Tour de France) was held between 2014 and 2021, but the real Tour de France Femmes finally staged its first edition in 2022.

Tour de France Femmes

The relaunched Tour de France Femmes has been a success, with high levels of interest from both roadside and television audiences. The 2022 edition reached a cumulative audience of over 23 million people.
The first edition of the rebirth of the Tour de France Femmes, launched under the organization of ASO, was an eight-day race that began on the Champs-Élysées in Paris and ended on La Super Planche des Belles Filles where Annemiek van Vleuten (Movistar) was crowned the overall champion in 2022. The race asserted its independence from the men’s race.
The 2023 edition featured a start away from Paris, a venture into the Pyrenees with a summit finish atop the iconic Col du Tourmalet, and a decisive final day time trial in Pau. This edition was won by Demi Vollering.

Tour de France Femmes final podiums:

Tour de France féminin

1955   1. Millie Robinson 2. June Thackerey 3. Marie-Jeanne Donabedian

1956 - 1983 No race

1984   1. Marianne Martin 2. Heleen Hage 3.Deborah Schumway

1985   1. Maria Canins 2. Jeannie Longo 3.Cecile Odin

1986   1. Maria Canins 2. Jeannie Longo 3.Inga Thompson

1987   1. Jeannie Longo 2. Maria Canins 3. Ute Enzenauer

1988   1. Jeannie Longo 2. Maria Canins 3. Elizabeth Hepple

1989   1. Jeannie Longo 2. Maria Canins 3. Inga Thompson

Tour de la CEE féminin

1990  1. Catherine Marsal 2. Leontien van Moorsel 3. Astrid Schop

1991   1. Astrid Schop 2. Leontien van Moorsel 3. Roberta Bonanomi

1992  1. Leontien van Moorsel 2. Heidi Van De Vijver 3. Roberta Bonanomi

1993  1. Heidi Van De Vijver 2. Leontien van Moorsel 3. Alexandra Koliasseva

Tour cycliste féminin

1992  1. Leontien van Moorsel 2. Jeannie Longo 3. Heidi Van De Vijver

1993  1. Leontien van Moorsel 2. Marion Clignet 3. Heidi Van De Vijver

1994  1. Valentina Polkhanova 2. Rasa Polikevičiūtė 3. Cécile Odin

1995  1. Fabiana Luperini 2. Jeannie Longo 3. Luzia Zberg

1996  1. Fabiana Luperini 2. Rasa Polikevičiūtė 3. Jeannie Longo

1997  1. Fabiana Luperini 2. Barbara Heeb 3. Jackson

La Grande Boucle féminine

1998  1. Edita Pučinskaitė 2. Fabiana Luperini 3. Alessandra Cappellotto

1999  1. Diana Žiliūtė 2. Valentina Polkhanova 3. Edita Pučinskaitė

2000  1. Joane Somarriba 2. Edita Pučinskaitė 3. Geraldine Loewenguth

2001   1. Joane Somarriba 2. Fabiana Luperini 3. Judith Arndt

2002  1. Zinaida Stahurskaya 2. Susanne Ljungskog 3. Joane Somarriba

2003  1. Joane Somarriba 2. Nicole Brändli 3. Judith Arndt

2004  No race

2005  1. Priska Doppmann 2. Edwige Pitel 3. Christiane Soeder

2006  1. Nicole Cooke 2. Maryline Salvetat 3. Tatsjana Sjarakova

2007  1. Nicole Cooke 2. Priska Doppmann 3. Emma Pooley

2008  1. Christiane Soeder 2. Karin Thürig 3. Nicole Cooke

2009  1. Emma Pooley 2. Christiane Soeder 3. Marianne Vos

Tour de France Femmes

2022  1. Annemiek van Vleuten 2. Demi Vollering 3. Katarzyna Niewiadoma

2023  1. Demi Vollering 2. Lotte Kopecky 3. Katarzyna Niewiadoma

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