"There's a saying that goes you wanted to eat sheep and now you're sh*tting wool" - Philippe Gilbert's wife comes out in defense of Patrick Lefevere; and comes out against Marion Rousse

Patrick Lefevere sparked controversy with his statements about Julian Alaphilippe, who has faced difficult times in recent years. In an interview with Humo, Lefevere expressed his opinions, although he later admitted that these quotes were taken out of context, a retraction that came late, given that his comments about the lifestyle of Alaphilippe and his partner, Marion Rousse, had already been widely circulated on the internet. Now Philippe Gilbert's partner adds another chapter to an unusual story.

Marion Rousse's response was not long in coming, refuting the words of the Soudal Quick-Step general manager and demanding more respect. However, this defense was not well received by Bettina Pesce, wife of Philippe Gilbert, who took sides with Lefevere and took the opportunity to lash out at Rousse via Instagram.

Pesce began her intervention with an incisive tone, pointing out that Lefevere was only telling part of the Alaphilippe story. He further suggested Rousse keep a low profile, insinuating that Lefevere was only voicing what many people around him were thinking. "Patrick only says out loud what he thinks and what many people around him also think," Pesce stated in her post.

In a twist of pointed language, Pesce criticized Rousse's work as a commentator and analyst on French television, suggesting that she badmouths people from the safety of her studio and avoids taking responsibility. "She makes a living badmouthing people from behind her microphone, hiding in her studio. And when it comes to taking responsibility, you never show up," Pesce reproached.

The situation escalated quickly with Pesce using a saying to discredit Rousse, insinuating that the latter was facing the consequences of her actions. "Your message is a sticky reflection of what has really affected you, and that is you and your image. There's a saying that goes you wanted to eat sheep and now you're shitting wool," Pesce concluded. The message was shared after Lefevere explained his statements, referring that the alcohol discussion ended in late 2022 and it was not a current spat between the two.

In the midst of this public confrontation, Philippe Gilbert, who had previously been Alaphilippe's teammate, becomes indirectly involved. His wife, Bettina Pesce, takes sides in the conflict, reflecting the complexity of relationships in the world of professional cycling.

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