CyclingUpToDate Rating 2023 | AG2R Citroën Team: 3.56

AG2R Citroën Team had Felix Gall break through as a top climber in 2023. The French team didn't have a superb season however it survived in the UCI rankings inside the red line.

UCI ranking 2023: 9109 (17th)

Victories (World Tour): 9 (3)

Top riders in UCI rankings: Felix Gall (33rd)

Rating - 3.56

Rúben Silva (CyclingUpToDate): 4. The team deserves a big praise for the development of Felix Gall, a pure climber who has thrived this summer and had great results in the stage-races despite his struggles in the time-trials. Wins in the mountains of the Giro and Tour, Brabantse Pijl. They don't make for a good tally at the end of the season but save it somehow. The team depended on it's climbers fully since Benoît Cosnefroy and Greg van Avermaet didn't really perform at a high level, they lack results all round.

Kieran Wood (CyclingUpToDate): 6. A solid if unspectacular season for the French team, highlighted by the impressive performances of Aurélien Paret-Peintre at the Giro d’Italia (stage 4 win and 15th overall), Felix Gall at the Tour de France (stage 17 win and 8th overall), plus a couple of impressive wins from Dorian Godon at Brabantse Pijl and the Giro del Veneto. However, an underwhelming campaign from Classics hopeful Benoît Cosnefroy and a bitterly disappointing Tour de France for Ben O’Connor mean there’s an aura of what could have been when looking at AG2R Citroën Team in 2023.

Ondřej Zhasil (CyclingUpToDate): 3. AG2R's season was somewhat saved by Felix Gall's surprising rise at the Tour de France and a single Giro stage win, along with some levels at bigger .Pro and .1 races. All in all, this season has been a bust across the board.

Juan Larra (CiclismoAlDia): 2. Felix Gall's appearance in the Tour de France is the only bright spot in a disappointing season for AG2R in which Ben O'Connor has not performed well and in which, apart from the Paret-Peintre brothers, few of the French team's riders have been seen in the races. There is a lot of room for improvement for 2024.

Jorge Borreguero (CiclismoAlDia): 4.5. The French team has completed a very improvable year in many respects. However, the season is not considered an absolute failure considering the rise of a Felix Gall who took stage victories in the Tour de France and the Tour of Suisse.

Victor Gonzalez (CiclismoAlDia): 3.5. Felix Gall has been the spearhead of the team. His spectacular Tour de France has been the biggest highlight of the AG2R season. Despite the Austrian and some positive results from Ben O'Connor, it doesn't seem to me enough for a pass.

Filipe Pereira (CiclismoAtual): 4. Ag2R Citröen Team had a pretty decent season. The key word here being decent, tough. The team did well as far as Grand Tours are concerned with Aurelien Paret-Peintre and Felix Gall getting wins at the Giro d'Italia and Tour de France, respectively (Gall even got a GC top 10). The Austrian was definitely the team's breakout star of a season which had a quite weak Ben O'Connor and on which AG2R lacked that big result, that big outstanding win that could make this season a good one. There is definitely hope for the team but as far as 2023 is concerned, it's a long way from the golden years of the 2010's

Carlos Silva (CiclismoAtual): 3. Felix Gall... and nothing else.

Ivan Silva (CiclismoAtual): 2. A team that relied mainly on Felix Gall's results throughout the whole season to get some mention. Do deserve some rate for the Top 10 achieved in Tour de France (aswell as a stage win) which was not fully expected. Also worth mentioning the victory of Aurélien Paret-Peintre at the Giro d'Italia.


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