Laurens ten Dam and Thomas Dekker arrested for 'indecent behavior' in the USA ahead of Unbound Gravel

The latest cycling adventure of ex-pros Laurens ten Dam and Thomas Dekker went anything but smoothly. During a training ride for last week's Unbound Gravel in the Kansas, United States, the two were arrested for 'indecent behavior' while eating their lunch.

About 24 hours after Dekker arrived in the United States, the cyclists were handcuffed in two police cars and driven to jail in Oklahoma. Ten Dam says this in his podcast Live Slow Ride Fast. The riders wanted to grab a lunch at a local Mexican restaurant after a long and dusty training session. So they decided to freshen up in the parking lot with the help of some bottled water. However that didn't go well with a local man who called a police to pick them up for their act.

"After Thomas had rinsed me off, I quickly changed my pants between the car doors," says Ten Dam. "But while I do that, I hear someone shouting very angrily on the other side." The man across the street was not pleased by sighting a tad bit too much of Dekker. A little later, in the restaurant, Ten Dam and Dekker were taken by the police because they had been seen naked in the parking lot.

Based on the accusation from the angry man across the street, both men were taken to jail in handcuffs. "The indictment stated that we sprayed each other with water bottles like two gay cyclists," says Ten Dam. The riders had to pay a $185 bond, but luckily they weren't asked to appear in the court. However they still spent more time in prison then they would have liked to.

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