Tao Geoghegan Hart asks for help: "British cycling is dying"

The AT85 Pro Cycling team announced its disappearance this past weekend due to financial problems. British teams (like those in the rest of Europe) are having a lot of trouble finding sponsors and INEOS Grenadiers rider Tao Geoghegan Hart has called on social media to change the situation.

"Cycling in Britain is at the lowest point it's ever experienced," commented Geoghegan Hart. "Apart from the obvious team (his own, INEOS), there are no professional men's or women's teams. There are almost no professional competitions and the that exist are facing a shrinking field due to Brexit. And there is no national cycling scene at all."

Tao goes further, assuring that prices have risen both for registrations in the races and for the purchase of the material itself to practice the sport. He declares that there is no aid for any team to develop:

"In addition, bike shop shelves are empty, the roads are more dangerous, and the sport becomes less accessible due to skyrocketing entry fees, the team arms race, and a lack of opportunities to ride for a team." He has good support."

Geoghegan Hart believes that everything has been going downhill since 2012, when Wiggins and Cavendish managed to win the Tour and the World Championships, respectively:

“More needs to be done to reverse the steady decline that has occurred since the inspiration of the summer of 2012 began to wane. These were absolutely iconic moments that have ensured there are more British cyclists than ever before. But what about the sport? He's dying and I haven't seen anyone come to resuscitate him."

When they ask him for solutions, he is clear that the first step is to improve the situation that the business and the local club are going through:

"I don't have answers, but I know you should support your local bike shop. They're on their knees. Support your local club. Volunteer in children's sports. I intend to commit to all these things and more when I finish my own career."

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