Adrie van der Poel irritated with beer thrown at Mathieu during Tour of Flanders: "I understand that the police are now looking for the perpetrators"

Mathieu van der Poel has won the Tour of Flanders for the third time, but his triumph was not without it's adversity. The World Champion did not go through the Belgian climbs without boos, middle fingers and beer. Naturally, this was upsetting for his father Adrie van der Poel who comments on the topic.

“I understand that the police are now looking for the perpetrators. But should you punish them? I will leave that open," Adrie van der Poel told Het Laatste Nieuws. “I also hear that Flanders Classics is filing civil proceedings. That's how they make their point. I think we need to be quick on the ball. A hefty fine might hurt some. It's disrespectful. I don't think these people realize what other riders have to do to achieve top performance. Not everyone has to be a fan of Mathieu. Then I would say: turn around and don't clap.”

Flanders Classics organizer Thomas van den Spiegel has already said that there is a search to identify the spectators which have thrown beer at van der Poel. The same happens at cyclocross events, where the same measures are being implemented. The Dutchman was not hampered by these happenings, but they leave a stain in what was a spectacular victory.

“Mathieu must have also heard that there was a huge amount of encouragement. I think that's nice... It would be a shame if sponsors dropped out because of the behavior some showed on Sunday," Adrie adds. "Cycling is an accessible sport and we should keep it that way. We should not turn a blind eye to the few people who throw beer. I also don't think they take anything away from Mathieu's joy that he won this Tour of Flanders.”

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