Moriah Wilson's murderer set to pay $15 million in compensations to Wilson's family, on top of spending 90 years in the prison

A judge has ordered Kaitlin Armstrong to pay $15 million to the family of deceased Moriah Wilson as part of a civil lawsuit, according to a report in KXAN, echoes by Cyclingnews.

Wilson’s parents filed a wrongful death civil lawsuit against Armstrong in May, six months after Armstrong was found guilty of murdering Wilson and sentenced to 90 years in prison.

Judge Daniella DeSata Lyttle granted $5 million each to Wilson's mother and father for "mental anguish, including emotional pain, torment and suffering from the death of [their] daughter," KXAN referenced recent court documents. Wilson's parents were also granted $2.5 million each for exemplary damages.

Randy Howry represented the Wilsons in the civil lawsuit and stated that the intent was to ensure that Armstrong never benefited from her crime (e.g. by selling story rights to a TV company, writing a book, etc.) . "If there’s ever an opportunity for her to financially benefit from this crime, this judgment will prevent her from getting any of that money until my clients are properly compensated," Howry said in the KXAN report.

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