Excerpts from the leaked document that would link the Caja Rural manager with Marcos Maynar: "Nobody knows who I work with. Well only Juanma"

The manager of Caja Rural - Seguros RGA, Juan Manuel (Juanma) Hernandez, wanted to dissociate himself from Operation Ilex and Marcos Maynar in an interview with the Diario de Navarra in which he commented that "we have been involved in a doping plot with which we have nothing to do".

It must be said, as Fernando Ferrari explains in Ciclo 21, that neither he nor any Caja Rural rider is being investigated in the framework of Operation Ilex. That does not detract from the fact that the alleged conversations that have been leaked to the press between Marcos Maynar and some riders of the Navarre team do not leave the manager and some members of the team in a bad place.

These are the leaks talked about by Raúl Banqueri through his X account and that, if true, would leave the manager and the riders involved very bad. In them it is hinted that Hernandez, although in his defense claims to have nothing to do with the matter and hardly know Maynar, would have knowledge of the relationship of some of its cyclists with the then doctor of the University of Caceres:

"Let's see (...), I know it's not your problem but, let's see, nobody in the team has to watch or see anything we do, that is, this is totally outside the team, that is, neither the doctor nor anyone else. (...) This is not like that. It is not what we talked about with Juanma, then Juanma will have to fix it, so don't worry, we will tell Juanma to fix this".

"But don't worry, nobody knows who I'm working with, and I'm not going to say what I'm drinking (...) Nobody knows who I'm working with. Well, only Juanma".

"Good morning, Marcos. If the team doctor wants to have access to the account to supervise the training, you can rest assured that I will not give him my passwords to enter, keeping our confidentiality at all times, so you can rest assured from my side."

Article written by Juan Larra.

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