"I would find it logical if the jury relegates him" - Thijs Zonneveld on Jasper Philipsen controversy

Jasper Philipsen has won four stages and dominantly conquers the points classification, however his hunger for success saw him wrapped in a controversy. He has not been fined or relegated because of it, but has clearly blocked - some argued 'bullied' - Pascal Eenkhoorn who attacked the race into Bourg-en-Bresse.

“If that is the only thing, then I think it is a reason for a fine and deduction of points. It's also just not according to the rules, you can't prevent others from racing," Zonneveld said in the Het Wiel podcast. "He does now. He knowingly tries to cut Eenkhoorn off so that he cannot attack. That's just not allowed. I would find it logical if the jury relegates him."

It was with 78 kilometers to go, the breakaway had a short lead and Lotto Dsnty's Eenkhoorn tried to bridge across. Philipsen counter-attacked but quickly got side by side with the Dutchman and then clearly blocked his path in the small ascent, behaviour which was widely criticized. Eenkhoorn later on would go on to attack again and then contribute to the breakaway's success, much to the distaste of Philipsen who won the bunch sprint for fourth behind only meters behind.

"You just shouldn't do that in the biggest race, in your green jersey, if you've already won four stages and if there are still opportunities for teams that don't have anything yet," Michiel Elijzen argued. "Then you have to be so mature as to say: everyone can make a course. You don't have to be so annoyed about that."

Surprisingly the jury has not given out any consequence to the Belgian after this behaviour, leading many to argue other examples of less serious actions which have led to action from the race organizers. Although that was not the only behaviour Elijzen criticized from yesterday's stage, adding Soudal - Quick-Step's tactics of flooding the head of the peloton in the final kilometers to disrupt the chase - with teammate Kasper Asgreen eventually taking the win.

“I find this so irritating and also so unnecessary... I think if you don't let riders do their job or go under in corners, then you're crossing the line. It's not as bad as what Philipsen did, but I almost put it in the same category. I think it's very childish to do that," he stated.

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