"Could have never imagined that” - Marianne Vos wins four out of six stages in Tour of Scandinavia

Tour of Scandinavia concluded on Sunday with Marianne Vos’ fourth stage victory in the tour. She sprinted in the last few hundred meters and beat her teammate Anouska Koster, Shari Bossuyt, and Barbara Guarischi to take the gold.

Vos was not leading the peloton instead, it was her teammate Anouska Koster who was leading the peloton in the last 3 kilometers. She sprinted in the last few hundred meters and took her fourth victory in the tour."It is difficult to determine when to start the sprint. I tried to position myself well. Because Anouska was ahead, the rest had to go full speed, an ideal situation for me. We developed a lot of speed. The others knew we would pass them and that they would have to sprint”, Vos said.

She continues, "That’s beyond our expectations. We wanted to win the mountain jersey here. We immediately succeeded in winning a stage, so that was very nice. Then we won three more stages. We could have never imagined that.”

Vos concluded by saying, "Our way of racing was an excellent experience. We constantly motivated each other to give our all and fought with everything we got every day. The spirit was good. We learned something every day."

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