(FINAL) 2024 National Championships Race Center - All winners of 27 different countries

The main block of the national championships takes place this week. Right before the Tour de France, most of the world's top countries will host their own events to decide on who will wear their country's colours for the next 12 months. You can follow this list for a better comprehension of all results.

On CyclingUpToDate there will be a constant stream of news regarding the national championships, including results. In this article you will be able to find the winners of both men's and women's elite events on some of the most successful nations in the sport.


Men's Elite Road Race: Arnaud De Lie
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Tim Wellens
Women's Elite Road Race: Lotte Kopecky
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Lotte Kopecky


Men's Elite Road Race: Paul Lapeira
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Bruno Armirail
Women's Elite Road Race: Juliette Labous
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Audrey Cordon-Ragot


Men's Elite Road Race: Alex Aranburu
Men's Elite Time-Trial: David de la Cruz
Women's Elite Road Race: Osua Ostolaza
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Mireia Benito

Great Britain

Men's Elite Road Race: Ethan Hayter
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Joshua Tarling
Women's Elite Road Race: Georgi Pfeiffer
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Anna Henderson


Men's Elite Road Race: Alberto Bettiol
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Filippo Ganna
Women's Elite Road Race: Elisa Longo Borghini
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Vittoria Guazzini


Men's Elite Road Race: Dylan Groenewegen
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Daan Hoole
Women's Elite Road Race: Chantal van den Broek-Blaak
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Riejanne Markus


Men's Elite Road Race: Domen Novak
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Matej Mohoric
Women's Elite Road Race: Urska Zigart
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Urska Zigart


Men's Elite Road Race: Rasmus Pedersen
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Mattias Skjelmose
Women's Elite Road Race: Rebecca Koerner
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Emma Norsgaard


Men's Elite Road Race: Marco Brenner
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Nils Politt
Women's Elite Road Race: Franziska Koch
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Mieke Kröger


Men's Elite Road Race: Markus Hoelgaard
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Soren Waerenskjold
Women's Elite Road Race: Mie Bjorndal Ottestad
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Katrine Aaleud


Men's Elite Road Race: Mauro Schmid
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Stefan Küng
Women's Elite Road Race: Noemi Rüegg
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Elena Hartmann


Men's Elite Road Race: Rui Costa
Men's Elite Time-Trial: António Morgado
Women's Elite Road Race: Daniela Campos
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Daniela Campos


Men's Elite Road Race: Alexander Hajek
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Felix Grossschartner
Women's Elite Road Race: Anna Kiesenhofer
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Anna Kiesenhofer


Men's Elite Road Race: Natnael Tesfatsion
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Amanuel Ghebregzhabhier
Women's Elite Road Race: Kisanet Weldemichael
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Adiam Dawit


Men's Elite Road Race: Norbert Banaszek
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Filip Maciejuk
Women's Elite Road Race: Dominika Wlodarczyk
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Marta Jaskulska

Czech Republic

Men's Elite Road Race: Tomas Pridal
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Mathias Vacek
Women's Elite Road Race: Barbora Nemcová
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Julia Kopecky


Men's Elite Road Race: Darren Rafferty
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Eddie Dunbar
Women's Elite Road Race: Fiona Mangan
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Fiona Mangan


Men's Elite Road Race: Emils Liepins
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Alekss Krasts
Women's Elite Road Race: Anastasia Carbonara
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Kitija Siltumeña


Men's Elite Road Race: Norman Vahtra
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Rein Taaramäe
Women's Elite Road Race: Laura Lizette Sander
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Laura Lizette Sander


Men's Elite Road Race: Attila Valter
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Barnabás Peák
Women's Elite Road Race: Blanka Kata Vas
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Petra Zsankõ


Men's Elite Road Race: Kevin Geniets
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Arthur Kluckers
Women's Elite Road Race: Marie Schreiber
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Christine Majerus

--- Pre-June ---


Men's Elite Road Race: Luke Plapp
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Luke Plapp
Women's Elite Road Race: Ruby Roseman-Gannon
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Grave Brown


Men's Elite Road Race: Alejandro Osorio
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Paula Patiño
Women's Elite Road Race: Daniel Martínez
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Diana Peñuela


Men's Elite Road Race: Jhonatan Narváez
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Miryam Maritza Nuñez
Women's Elite Road Race: Richard Carapaz
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Miryam Maritza Nuñez

South Africa

Men's Elite Road Race: Ryan Gibbons
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Carla Oberholzer
Women's Elite Road Race: Ryan Gibbons
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Hayley Preen

New Zealand

Men's Elite Road Race: Aaron Gate
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Ella Wyllie
Women's Elite Road Race: Logan Currie
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Kim Cadzow

United States

Men's Elite Road Race: Sean Quinn
Men's Elite Time-Trial: Kristen Faulkner
Women's Elite Road Race: Brandon McNulty
Women's Elite Time-Trial: Taylor Knibb

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