“The choice is made for the cities where the money is" - Hoogerheide organizers uncertain of race's future following World Championships

Hoogerheide may be holding the Cyclocross World Championships, but the Dutch cross' future could be in doubt as chairman Jan Prop admits "we are now dealing with a different playing field."

In the past Hoogerheide has held both the 2009 and 2014 World Championships but as the sport grows ever more popular the money in cyclocross is increasing, in turn making it harder for the cross helped designed by the father of one of the favourites for the world title, Adrie van der Poel.

“We are now dealing with a completely different playing field,” explains chairman Prop to Algemeen Dagblad. “We understand that London is in the picture for next year to ride the final of the World Championship in a park there. Munich has also been ready to do something for years.”

“Where is Hoogerheide if – just like in the world of marathons – the choice is made for the cities where the money is located and Flanders Classics brings its sponsors everywhere?" he questions. "You cannot expect a municipality like Woensdrecht with 22,000 inhabitants to be able to participate in such a model. Whether this World Championship is also the last cross? I don't dare answer it yet. You take it into account in the back of your mind, but it would be a huge disappointment for us if it were no longer there.”

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