Tadej Pogacar's diet at the Giro d'Italia in detail: 'Oatmeal, rice, jams, juices, waffles...'

We know that in 2024 nutrition is key to the performance of an elite athlete and in a sport where physique is absolutely everything like cycling, nutrition is especially essential. Thus, Tadej Pogacar's performance in the current Giro d'Italia and in his career in general is partly due to his attention to every detail in this regard.

Spanish news outlet AS have interviewed Gorka Prieto, the nutritionist of UAE Team Emirates, who explained how a rider prepares nutritionally before facing a big stage race:

"It is focused, above all, on carbohydrate intake. What is done a month before is to plan all the menus together with the cooks and every day they are adjusted based on the energy expenditure of the rider, although, for example, for breakfast each cyclist has a menu already established".

The Basque specialist gives examples of the type of food that cyclists eat to be prepared for the beating they take during the stages, placing special importance on the fact that the diet should be varied: "Oatmeal, rice, homemade bread that the cooks make, especially simple sugars such as jams, syrups, fruit juice, we have pancakes, we make waffles... They have a varied diet and plenty to choose from".

Another important point is the recovery after the stage. Obviously, mid-stage feeding is absolutely key, but the focus of Prieto's words were on the pre and post-ride during the big races: "We have a recovery protocol, in the sense of carbohydrate, protein and fat intakes per rider. It varies based on the estimation we have made before, then they have small snacks after the stage to recover the glycogen they have lost and then what is adjusted for them is dinner."

"If you eat hamburger or pizza, our own cook makes them and we control the quantities," he concluded. Certainly, this Sunday night there will be a lot of pizza all around the UAE Team Emirates camp as they - if nothing goes wrong - will be celebrating the victory at the Giro d'Italia.

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