"It is obvious that having a budget such as they have allows them to have the riders to win" - Cyrille Guimard praises Jumbo-Visma but ponders whether financial advantage is the key factor

Jumbo-Visma are without a doubt the number one team in the World Tour peloton today. Claiming all three Grand Tours, Sepp Kuss, Jonas Vingegaard and Primoz Roglic dominated at the Vuelta a Espana and completed the podium.

Speaking in his column for Cyclism'Actu, Cyrille Guimard lauded praise on to Jumbo-Visma. "It's a dream. Winning the 3 Grand Tours, plus making the one-two-three on one of these Grand Tours, it's something exceptional," says the vastly experienced Frenchman. "We can't compare them with the greatest teams of the past, the cycling today has nothing to do with it anymore. I managed to get 1st and 3rd with Laurent Fignon and Greg Lemond (1984 Tour de France e.d.), but we couldn't do what's happening today."

But what is the reason behind such as vast difference between Jumbo-Visma and their challengers during 2023? "Jumbo-Visma has the best team. Of course, all this raises questions about the means of each team and it is obvious that having a budget such as they have allows them to have the riders to win," says Guimard before elaborating that money is not the only reason for the dominance.

"It must be said that these riders have spent almost their entire career with Jumbo-Visma, they are part of the base of the team. There are therefore undeniable management qualities," Guimard explains. "Sepp Kuss, Jonas Vingegaard and Primoz Roglic, these are three house products. It starts with the quality of the management. Because with this quality, you will also look for the best budgets. Now, we can ask ourselves, is this domination will last over time? In any case, for the moment, let's admire this great team."

"At any time in the history of cycling there have been such dominations, and there always will be. But that is true in all areas, there is always a moment when someone is number one and, today, it's the Jumbo-Visma team," concludes Guimard. "As human beings, by nature, don't like those who win, especially in France... Without wondering why we don't dominate, or more... The real question to ask is: why are others succeeding and not us? And not questioning everything and seeing engines everywhere like Jérôme Pineau."

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