Mark Cavendish, Audrey Cordon-Ragot and B&B Hotels-KTM possibly saved, good news emerge

B&B Hotels-KTM may be on the verge of collapse, but at the same time they are still within a chance of succeeding in a surprising turn of events to keep the team afloat into 2023. As the final dates for the decision near, some positive signs come from the French team's camp.

Recent reports suggest that the team, who previously had a limit to file all documents and the proposal for a UCI license until the end of December, had it extended by a few days and the new limit could be as far as this coming Monday the 5th of December. This provides more time for Jerôme Pineau's team, and it is reported b L'Équipe that the existing sponsors may increase their financing of the team to keep it afloat.

After what seemed to be an absolute withdrawal from sponsors who had initially delivered guarantees of a €15 million budget, it is unlikely that these last few weeks have enabled Pineau to gather enough money from new sponsors to fulfill the original plan. However, it is very possible that B&B Hotels and some material suppliers may increase their supply to the team which could make the project possible.

News are yet to be confirmed however it is the first positive news coming from the Breton team's camp for the last few weeks. The future of the likes of Mark Cavendish and Audrey Cordon-Ragot remains in the balance, with the upcoming days being crucial.

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