Fantasy Tour de France Budget (At least 10700 USD/10,000 Euro/8,450 GBP in prizes!)

In addition to the traditional game where you can pick riders without restrictions, Zweeler offers a budget game for the Tour de France. This game challenges participants to not only choose top riders but also to uncover 'bargains'—riders who offer high points for a low value. The final ranking holds significant weight in this budget game. In summary, it's a distinctly different but equally enjoyable experience. Plus, there's a first prize of $1,600 USD/1,500 EUR/£1,265 GBP up for grabs!

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Why play Fantasy Cycling?

- Your engagement with cycling will further increase. It is not about one rider, but 17 riders and 5 substitute riders who need to perform for you!

- For only $26,31/€25/£21,12 you will get many extra hours of entertainment before the start of the race and even more hours of fun during the Tour de France. 

- If you manage to beat the other players (there are 76 prizes in General Classification), you can also win nice cash prizes (1st prize $1,600 USD/1,500/£1,265!

Now it is also possible for the USA to play at Zweeler!

The Fantasy Tour de France (budget) starts on Saturday 29 June 2024 at 12:40.

You have a budget of 250 million euro to buy 17 riders for the starting line up and 50 million euro budget to pick 5 substitutes. You can win points for every stage and for the General Classification.

When a rider does not start in a stage, then the first available substitute takes his place. The points of the drop-out will remain in your total points scored, the points of the substitute will only count from start of the next stage. Be aware that a rider, who is not available on the startlist when the game starts, will not be replaced!

NEW! When a rider does not start in a stage, the rider with a value closest to that of the rider withdrawn from the race takes his place. An example: You have Wout van Aert in your team with a value of 15,0 million. As substitutes you have Egan Bernal (27,0 million), Caleb Ewan (11,0 million) and Marc Hirschi (10,0 million). In this example, Ewan will take the place of Van Aert because his value is closest to 15,0 million.

When you have two substitutes with the same difference in value, then the rider with the highest value will take his place. If a rider with a value of 10,5 million, in the above example, is not starting in the race, then Ewan will take his place. If there are two riders with the same difference and the same value, the rider on the highest position of the substitute list will enter your team.

The game will cost $26,31/€25/£21,12 per team and will start with a guaranteed amount of $10700/€10,000/£8,450 in prizes. The first prize will be $1,600 USD/1,500/£1,265! (76 GC prizes).

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