Demi Vollering can't wait for Anna van der Breggen's return to peloton: "It's gonna be great for women's sport"

Demi Vollering will have an unexpected competitor next year with Anna van der Breggen. The Olympic and three-time world champion is currently sports director at Team SD Worx - Protime, but from 2025 she will be an active cyclist again and will therefore immediately become an important rival.

And while Van der Breggen will bolster the ranks of SD Worx, Vollering is heading to a new home (very likely FDJ - SUEZ). "It's bizarre, but that's nice. Great for women's sport," she responded before the start of the National Championships, in conversation with the NOS.

"Anna has of course been out for three years. That's no small feat. I'm curious what it will be like for Anna again." Had Vollering actually seen the news coming? "On the one hand yes, but on the other hand no. After seeing the news, I thought for a moment: oh yes, it is really going to happen. I kind of expected it, but on the other hand I also thought: she is now very happy that she stopped and she now has a different life."

"At one point I noticed that she started cycling more and more every time. I had a feeling at the time: I think she's starting to get an itch," said Vollering, who expects a lot from Van der Breggen's return. "I assume that she will become a great competitor if she reaches her level. She has always had a lot of talent. I think she will be there again next year."

The two riders now know each other inside and out. "It's going to be interesting. We'll see how that goes next year. On the one hand it is exciting. She knows a lot about me, but on the other hand I also know a lot about Anna. The way she trains me is the way she will train herself. In that respect we are somewhat equal. As a trainer you are even more concerned with your athlete than the other way around."

"For now, Anna will remain my coach." Van der Breggen may return to the peloton next year, but she will remain Vollering's coach for the time being. "We've talked about that for a while. She will remain my coach at least until the Tour. It works well with Anna and I don't like suddenly switching just before the Tour," Vollering explains.

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