National Championship Index - Updated June NC results

Although not all, most National Championships will this year take place the weeks prior to the Tour de France, and will be raced between the 22nd and 26th of June where most of the pro cyclist-filled nations will see their riders go head to head for a year in the country's colours.

In this post you can keep up with the updates on the new national championships - on both Men's and Women's fields, aswell as articles related to the results. Whilst the Individual time-trial (ITT) titles are usually attributed throughout the week, the weekend will see the majority of the Road Races (RR) take place.


Men's ITT winner: Filippo Ganna

Men's RR winner: Filippo Zana

Women's ITT winner: Elisa Longo Borghini

Women's RR winner: Elisa Balsamo


Men's ITT winner: Bauke Mollema

Men's RR winner: Pascal Eenkhoorn

Women's ITT winner: Ellen van Dijk

Women's RR winner: Riejanne Markus


Men's ITT winner: Remco Evenepoel

Men's RR winner: Tim Merlier

Women's ITT winner: Lotte Kopecky

Women's RR winner: Kim de Baast


Men's ITT winner: Raúl García Pierna

Men's RR winner: Carlos Rodríguez

Women's ITT winner: Mavi Garcia

Women's RR winner: Mavi Garcia


Men's ITT winner: Bruno Armirail

Men's RR winner: Florian Sénéchal

Women's ITT winner: Audrey Cordon-Ragot

Women's RR winner: Audrey Cordon-Ragot

Great Britain

Men's ITT winner: Ethan Hayter

Men's RR winner: Mark Cavendish

Women's ITT winner: Joss Lowden

Women's RR winner: Alice Towers


Men's ITT winner: Mattias Norsgaard

Men's RR winner: Alexander Kamp

Women's ITT winner: Emma Norsgaard

Women's RR winner: Cecilie Uttrup Ludwig


Men's ITT winner: Lennard Kämna

Men's RR winner: Nils Politt

Women's ITT winner: Lisa Brennauer

Women's RR winner: Liane Lippert


Men's ITT winner: Jan Tratnik

Men's RR winner: Kristijan Koren

Women's ITT winner: Urska Zigart

Women's RR winner: Eugenia Bujak


Men's ITT winner: Tobias Foss

Men's RR winner: Rasmus Tiller

Women's ITT winner: Ane Iversen

Women's RR winner: Malin Eriksen


Men's ITT winner: Maciej Bodnar

Men's RR winner: Norbert Banaszek

Women's ITT winner: Agnieszka Skalniak-Sójka

Women's RR winner: Wiktoria Pikulik


Men's ITT winner: Ján Andrej Cully

Men's RR winner: Peter Sagan

Women's ITT winner: Nora Jenčušová

Women's RR winner: Nora Jenčušová

United States

Men's ITT winner: Lawson Craddock

Men's RR winner: Kyle Murphy

Women's ITT winner: Leah Thomas

Women's RR winner: Emma Langley


Men's ITT winner: Ben Healy

Men's RR winner: Rory Townsend

Women's ITT winner: Kelly Murphy

Women's RR winner: Alice Sharpe


Men's ITT winner: Joel Suter

Men's RR winner: Robin Froidevaux

Women's ITT winner: Elena Hartmann

Women's RR winner: Caroline Baur


Men's ITT winner: Felix Grossschartner

Men's RR winner: Felix Grossschartner

Women's ITT winner: Christina Schweinberger

Women's RR winner: Christina Schweinberger


Men's ITT winner: Rafael Reis

Men's RR winner: João Almeida

Women's ITT winner: Daniela Campos

Women's RR winner: Daniela Campos

Czech Republic

Men's ITT winner: Jan Barta

Men's RR winner: Matej Zahalka

Women's ITT winner: Denisa Slamova

Women's RR winner: Tereza Neumanova


Men's ITT winner: Bob Jungels

Men's RR winner: Colin Heiderscheid

Women's ITT winner: Christine Majerus

Women's RR winner: Christine Majerus


Men's ITT winner: Derek Gee

Men's RR winner: Pier-André Côté

Women's ITT winner: Paula Findlay

Women's RR winner: Maggie Coles-Lyster


Men's ITT winner: Yuriy Natarov

Men's RR winner: Yevgeniy Gidich

Women's ITT winner: Makhabbat Umutzhanova

Women's RR winner: Rinata Sultanova


Men's ITT winner: Rein Taaramäe

Men's RR winner: Mihkel Räim

Women's ITT winner: Kristel Sandra Soonik

Women's RR winner: Aidi Gerde Tuisk


Men's ITT winner: Toms Skujins

Men's RR winner: Emils Liepins

Women's ITT winner: Dana Rozlapa

Women's RR winner: Anastasia Carbonari


Men's ITT winner: Biniam Girmay

Men's RR winner: Merhawi Kudus

Women's ITT winner: Danait Tekeste

Women's RR winner: Monalisa Araya


Men's ITT winner: Sohei Kaneko

Men's RR winner: Yukiya Arashiro

Women's ITT winner: Shoko Kashiki

Women's RR winner: /


Men's ITT winner: Omer Goldstein

Men's RR winner: Itamar Einhorn

Women's ITT winner: Omer Shapira

Women's RR winner: Omer Shapira


Men's ITT winner: Seghei Tvetcov

Men's RR winner: Emil Dima

Women's ITT winner: Manuela Muresan

Women's RR winner: Manuela Muresan


Men's ITT winner: Fran Miholjevic

Men's RR winner: Carlo Jurisevi´c

Women's ITT winner: Mia Radotic

Women's RR winner: Matea Deliu


Men's ITT winner: Alvaras Mikutis

Men's RR winner: Venantas Lasinis

Women's ITT winner: Inga Cesuliene

Women's RR winner: Rasa Leleivyte


Men's ITT winner: Jacob Ahlsson

Men's RR winner: Lukas Eriksson

Women's ITT winner: Nathalie Eklund

Women's RR winner: Jenny Rissveds


Men's ITT winner: Erik Fetter

Men's RR winner: Atilla Valter

Women's ITT winner: Kata Blanka Vas

Women's RR winner: Kata Blanka Vas

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